Chris Khoury

Apple Specialist


Chris Khoury’s first job was working as an Apple sales and service technician at age 14, where was certified as an “Apple Product Professional” two years in a row. Four years later, Chris worked at an Apple flagship retail store and within six months received an employee of the month award.

At age 18, Chris left Apple to help found, financially manage, produce, engineer and play drums for the critically acclaimed metal band Volumes. The band has toured the world including Europe, Russia, and Australia. After three years, Chris left the band to go back to school.

Now 23, Chris is a senior at UCLA, finishing up his bachelors in philosophy and planning to attend Law school after he graduates. Although a full-time student who’s maintained high-honors status at UCLA, Chris continues to use his extensive experience with computers and digital media production to consult with a variety of clients including professional photographers, musicians, producers, teachers and film makers.